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Fishing is an excellent outdoor activity suitable for the entire family. Fishing is also known as angling and is defined as a sport where one catches salt water, fresh water fish with a rod, line and a hook in a lake or a river. Sport fishing is carried out on individual basis as opposed to commercial fishing. Fishing is looked upon as an activity that helps in relaxing a person and stimulating his reflexes.

How to

Fishing is an art that is mastered with patience and deep understanding of nature. As a fisher, you must be aware about the direction of winds and its impact on fishing, how to approach fishing, and what type of bait should be used etc. Fishing is practiced with the help of rod, reel and bait. One needs to suspend the bait that is tied off to the hook at the end of the rod in the water. Bait can consist of moist bread, worms, flies or maggots. Some fishers may also use cheese as bait.

A floating object is used to suspend the bait in the water. When the fish starts eating the bait, the fisher can sense a tugging sensation and needs to reel the bait out of the water along the fish. Bait fishing is commonly practiced across the globe for salt water and fresh water fishing. Other type of fishing includes trolling, fly fishing and spinning. You can learn fishing from fishing schools or family members.


The history of fishing can be traced back to the Stone Ages, where old tribes used stones and long pointed sticks to catch fish. Stone Age men used sticks to kill fishes and pull them out of water. During this era, fishing was a source of collecting food and not just a sport. There are references about fishing in Chinese books. These books date back to the 4th century. Egyptians also practiced fishing since 2000 B.C. People have used fishing rods since ancient days. However, the rod itself has evolved over a period of time.

As people learnt the art of fishing and the tricks to fish effectively, the equipments for fishing were improvised. In earlier days, food was not used as bait. Instead a block of wood popularly known as gorge was tied to the end of the rod with help of a strong thread. When the fish hung on to this piece of wood, the fisher would pull the rod out of the water. Slowly the bait system was developed. Over a period of time, rods and reels were standardized.

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