Fishing Equipment

There are several advanced tools that are available in the market that can aid fishing effectively. However the most basic equipment for fishing includes rod, reel, line, bobber, hook, and fish bait. All these fishing equipments are referred to as fish tackle. Other fishing equipment include waders, gaffs, lures, spears, nets, sinkers and traps. Some forms of fishing may require one to use more equipments however basic fishing or bait fishing requires fishing rod, fishing line, bobber, hook and fish bait.

One can use readymade fish bait such as can of worms or bread paste. One can also make the fish bait by moistening bread crumbs or rice. Equipment that is used at the end of fishing line is often known as the terminal tackle. This includes spoons, hooks, split rings, sinkers and floats. It is important that one uses good quality equipment for the prized catch. Choose the best equipment for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Fish bait

Bait refers to any living or non-living thing that is tied to the end of the fishing line or the fishing hook in order to attract the fishes. Baits are divided into two main categories natural baits and artificial baits. Artificial baits are commonly known as lures. Natural baits are living organisms. They are generally worms, minnows, crickets or flies. Worms are most common baits. One can buy...


Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are the most important equipment in fishing. In earlier days, anglers would use a straight stick from the branch or a long pole wrapped with fishing line to catch fish. However as the time progressed fishing rods with reels were introduced. Reels allow a fisherman to store substantial amount of fishing line within them. It is easy to increase or shorten the line to change the depth...


Fishing line

Fishing line is important fishing equipment. The line is hung from the fishing rod and it connects the line to the fish. A fishing line needs to be strong and thin for deeper fishing. There is wide variety of fishing lines available in the market. This causes confusion about selecting the apt fishing line. There are three major types of fishing lines that are available. They are Monofilament, fl...


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