Fishing Techniques

Fishing is a sport that requires one to learn several techniques in order to master the art of fishing. Fishing techniques determine the success at the sport. A person's fishing techniques are dependent on the fishing condition, fishing equipments and the catch that is being aimed at. Ones fishing technique may change depending on the weather conditions, time of the day that one is fishing, the season in which fishing is being done and the area where fishing is being carried out. Many regions also require one to have a fishing license.

Fishing techniques will help one in holding the fishing rod in the right position, rigging the tackle and how to cast the bait appropriately. Bait casting, spin casting, fly fishing, still fishing, chumming, jiggling, trolling, ice fishing and salt water fishing are some of the popular fishing techniques. You will master these techniques as you practice them regularly.

Spin casting

Spin casting is a popular technique for fishing. It is an ideal technique for beginners. In order to learn spin casting you will require a 7 ft rod, 8 to ten pounds of test line, spinning reel and lures that weigh about 1/16 to


Bait casting

Bait casting technique is an advanced level technique that is used by experienced anglers. Beginners should attempt this technique once they have mastered the spin cast technique. Bait casting involves placing your lure in a position that it attracts the faraway fishes. Bait casting technique is more or less similar to spin casting. The focus area while learning this technique should be the way...


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is considerably different from other fishing techniques because in this technique the lure is not castled. You need to learn how to cast the line. The lure in this fishing is a weightless fly. You need to master your casting movements so that you cast the lure at respectable distance. Stopping the lure is also an important aspect that you need to learn. The first thing that you pract...


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