Bait casting

Bait casting technique is an advanced level technique that is used by experienced anglers. Beginners should attempt this technique once they have mastered the spin cast technique. Bait casting involves placing your lure in a position that it attracts the faraway fishes.

Bait casting technique is more or less similar to spin casting. The focus area while learning this technique should be the way of holding the rod. Most fishers hold the rod in such a way that the rod and the thumb face the same direction. This causes a host of other fishing problems.

The ideal way of holding the rod is the V grip. If your rod is facing south then your thumb should face south east. Your fishing line is going to be slightly heavy when you practice bait casting because this technique is used for catching trout and other large fishes. Bait casting reel is more fool-proof as compared to the spin casting method. You must learn to cast the bait cast using heavy weights. This will help you in perfecting your timing for the release of the button.

You can begin practicing with a lob type cast. Remember to reel the pool the moment it is cast. This will improve the spinning capabilities of the pool. Don't be disheartened by backlashes. They are a part of the learning process and every angler faces them at least once in their fishing career. You must record positions which cause backlashes, In order to identify your weak spots.



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