Fish bait

Bait refers to any living or non-living thing that is tied to the end of the fishing line or the fishing hook in order to attract the fishes. Baits are divided into two main categories natural baits and artificial baits. Artificial baits are commonly known as lures.

Natural baits are living organisms. They are generally worms, minnows, crickets or flies. Worms are most common baits. One can buy a can of worms from a nearby fish tackle shop or can dig for earthworms in the soil. Similarly one can buy small minnows or large chubs from fish tackle shops. One needs to be extremely cautious when they are using live bait. One needs to store the bait with great care. If one neglects the storage aspect, the worms or minnows may die and the dead worms or minnows would not attract the fish. Worms can be stored in a refrigerator and the minnows can be stored in a minnow bucket. One can also use dough, pieces of moist bread, cheese and corn kennels as natural bait.

Artificial baits or lures are available in different varieties. Some of the most common lures are poppers, plugs, spoons and spinners. Spoons are flashy and heavy. They look like the back of the spoon and when tossed in water, they resemble a minnow. Poppers on other hands are imitations of bugs that rest on the surface of the water. Plugs are small artificial fish. Size of the bait should be proportionate to fish.



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