Fishing line

Fishing line is important fishing equipment. The line is hung from the fishing rod and it connects the line to the fish. A fishing line needs to be strong and thin for deeper fishing. There is wide variety of fishing lines available in the market. This causes confusion about selecting the apt fishing line.

There are three major types of fishing lines that are available. They are Monofilament, fluorocarbons and the superlines. Monofilaments are the most popular fishing lines in the market. These are clear fishing lines that can be used in almost all fishing conditions. Fluorocarbons on the other hand are almost invisible under water. These lines offer limited stretch and hence are great with hooks.

Fluorocarbons are 100% water resistant and they sink quickly. Superlines are the heavy duty fishing lines. They are hybrid in nature. They are produced by braiding different filaments together and make them stronger yet thinner. Superlines offer zero stretch however they are best suited for fishing large fishes or big toothed fishes.

A fisherman must choose his or her fishing line based on the fishing conditions and the type of fish that is aiming for. If a person is fishing in clear waters and aiming at small fishes then monofilaments or fluorocarbons are the best. If one is fishing in heavy vegetation or is aiming for bigger fishes then superfine lines need to be used. It is recommended that one invests in branded fishing lines because they offer better test strength



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