Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are the most important equipment in fishing. In earlier days, anglers would use a straight stick from the branch or a long pole wrapped with fishing line to catch fish. However as the time progressed fishing rods with reels were introduced. Reels allow a fisherman to store substantial amount of fishing line within them. It is easy to increase or shorten the line to change the depth of the fish bait. This allows the fisher to fight the fish with ease.

Fishing rods are generally made from bamboo. These rods require low maintenance. They are durable and light. Graphite rods and fiber glass rods were introduced at a later stage. Graphite rods are popular with veteran anglers because of their durability and light weight. The main purpose of a fishing rod is to help the angler in transferring the weight of the fish from the line. Fishing lines are not as strong as the fishing rods. When the fish tries to escape, there is certain amount of pressure that it exerts on the line.

A fishing rod needs to be flexible enough to bend and take away the tension from the fishing line. The fishing rod shouldn't to be too flexible or too rigid. Excessive flexibility will prevent it from taking away the pressure from the line, resulting in breaking of rod or the fishing line. If the fishing rod is rigid, all the force applied by the fish would fall on fishing line and the fishing line would ultimately give away.



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