Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is considerably different from other fishing techniques because in this technique the lure is not castled. You need to learn how to cast the line. The lure in this fishing is a weightless fly. You need to master your casting movements so that you cast the lure at respectable distance. Stopping the lure is also an important aspect that you need to learn.

The first thing that you practice in fly fishing is the grip. You must learn to grasp the rod in such a manner that your thumb comes over the top of the casting rods. Ensure that the fly rod butt is under your wrist and forearm. This will help you in casting the line appropriately. Fly fishing does not require strength, it requires skill. You must tie a 9 foot leader to the end of fly line. A small piece of cotton must be tied to the end of fly tippet.

Now it is time to pull the reel off. Pull around 20 to 22 feet fly reel. Casting the reel is similar to throwing a Frisbee. You must position your wrists as if you are planning on throwing a Frisbee. When you are practicing fly casting, you must practice in backwards and forward directions. This will help you in learning to cast in a straight line. Regular practice will help you in exploring different casting positions

You will master the art of fly fishing with practice. Fly fishing needs to be observed and learned.



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